Pillar 5: Constructing a new liaison with society

The fifth pillar is the stem of The Clover, which is the link to the fertile ground representing our society that will enable us develop a different relationship, and long-term new programs and partnerships with industry, thus creating a lock-in condition with different stakeholders of the society that could benefit from the transformation process of the schools of engineering behind this Consortium.

Aim: To implement a comprehensive Industry-Consortium liaison program that should increase this interaction in order to help develop a sustainable global innovative advantage for Chile by generating a world-class professional education in engineering, new research aimed to the development of innovative technologies that can be commercialized in global markets and reach global impact, not only linked to primary local industrial sectors, but also linked to enabling technologies and products that embed these technologies, and contribute to strengthen the technological ecosystem by developing a solid program of technological entrepreneurship. Results of this pillar should be able to scale up by a factor of one order of magnitude our innovative and entrepreneurial capacity by means of pursuing and achieving valuable patents, licenses, a larger number of entrepreneurs and companies, new innovative social initiatives, and other forms of value creation in the next six years. The estimated direct return on the investment by the government in the next six years should be at least 3X; such return includes the important spillover of the innovation created and transferred to several other schools of engineering and activities in the country.